Security Alarm Systems For Kansas City Area Homes

Wise Security has years of expertise installing home security and alarm systems iFamily-Alarm-Security-Home-Kansas-Cityn the Kansas City area. Home security has come a long way from the simple burglar or fire alarm. Today’s technology allows you to actually control your home remotely with the 2GIG System. From security to automation to remote access to surveillance, you can be in complete control of your home and its systems. For today’s busy families, the 2GIG System is incredibly convenient and gives homeowners peace of mind they never had before.

Smart Home Security Technology for Kansas City

The 2GIG System turns your home into a smart home. Now you can essentially be home even when you’re not. With remote access, you can not only program your home to do what you want, when you want it to, you can control it from any laptop, pad or smart phone. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy with the 2GIG system.

Remote Home Security Through Your Smart Phone

Phone-Alarm-Security-Kansas-CityWith the 2GIG system, not only can you arm and disarm your system from your smart phone, you can lock and unlock specific locks. You also have the option of setting a code on a keypad (making specific codes for specific people) and using a key fob to lock or unlock your home. You can also receive text or email alerts on your phone when changes occur. So you’ll know when the kids get home from school or the cleaning person enters and leaves. You can even assign specific date and time accessibility. As an added security feature, your HVAC system is disabled when your smoke alarm goes off to prevent smoke from being circulated throughout the home.

Manage Your Kansas City Area Home with Automation

With automation systems provided by Wise Security, you can program your coffee pot to turn on in the morning. Start your microwave, have your lights come on at 5:00 and never walk into a dark house again. Any small appliance can be controlled automatically. Talk to the experts at Wise, and they will give you the information you need to truly automate your home.

Control Your Home’s Energy Consumption

The average homeowner pays almost $2,000 a year in utility bills. Almost half of that goes to heating and cooling your home. Now you can control your thermostat from anywhere that you have access to a computer or smart phone. Say you get to work and forgot to turn the thermostat down. No problem, just login and control it from your phone. Maybe you left for vacation and wanted to raise or lower the temperature for efficiency while no one would be home. Now it’s no problem. In fact, you can even adjust it so the temperature is comfortable when you arrive back home. The 2GIG system gives you complete control.

See Your Home When You’re Away with CCTV Surveillance

By installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in your home, you can actually see what’s going on without being home. Make sure the kids made it safely home from school, check on an elderly family member, keep an eye on a babysitter or even a pet while you’re away. CCTV surveillance cameras let you see what’s happening in real time.

Exclusive Crash & Smash Technology

Wise is proud to install the 2GIG alarm system. The 2GIG system isAlarm-Touchpad-Kansas-City the only security system available with Crash & Smash Technology. The “Crash and Smash” attack is a technique used by intruders to defeat security alarms. They “crash” the entry door down and then find your alarm panel and smash it within the normal 30-60 seconds programmed to give you time to enter and type in the security code. Destroying the alarm panel before the alarm starts to beep renders the entire system useless. The burglar now has all the time he needs to rob you blind.

The 2GIG system sends out a signal as soon as the entry door is opened saying “an entry door has just been opened, stand by for a disarm confirmation”. If the security system doesn’t follow up by sending a disarm confirmation signal within a few minutes, the system assumes a burglar has destroyed the alarm panel and alerts the central station who will then follow the normal burglary alarm protocol and dispatch the police if necessary.

Wise Home Security Is Smart Security For Your Kansas City Area Home

The 2GIG product family can be set up for any or all of these services. You can be in total control of your home at all times as long as you have access to a smart device. Safety, energy savings, convenience and peace of mind – the 2GIG system delivers them all. For more information, call Wise Security at (816) 841-2800 and we will answer any questions you may have.

Wise Referral Program

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