Other Home Security Services Available In Kansas City

At Wise Security, we provide every kind of home security system on the market. When we explain all of the options to our customers, many are not aware that these systems are even available. Here are some of the less common security devices we can install in your Kansas City home:

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are one of the most important items you can install in your Kansas City area home. Carbon monoxide detectors protect you from this odorless, colorless, and otherwise undetectable deadly gas. Many lives have been saved by these detectors.

Heat Detector

Smoke detectors only detect smoke which means a fire is already smoldering if not flaming. A heat detector can detect unusual amounts of heat and alert the alarm company saving you precious time and many times avoiding a fire altogether. Heat detectors are commonly placed in the kitchen or utility areas or places where smoke detectors are not installed such as the laundry room, garage or attic. We can install Fixed Temperature or Rate of Rise (ROR) heat detectors.

Freeze Detector

These detectors can protect your home against freezing winter temperatures and possibility of burst pipes. The most common reasons a pipe freezes and bursts is furnace failure and loss of power. Many of these detectors can be linked to your smart phone for instant alerts and even remote control of your thermostat.

Water Detectors

Let’s face it, pipes spring leaks, sump pumps fail and washers malfunction. By having Wise Security install a water detector in your Kansas City area home, you can know there’s a problem before your home suffers water damage. Common places to install water detectors are behind appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher, under sinks and near the water heater.
No matter what kind of home protection you need in your Kansas City area home, Wise can provide it. Give us a call and we’ll come to your home for a free consultation