Security Camera Installation Company in Kansas City

Wise Security has over 20 years of experience installing security cameras in the Kansas City area. Closed circuit television, or CCTV, is a wonderful security product. This video camera system transmits images from the camera to a monitor or monitors.

It allows you to see your home in real time through a camera lens. It’s almost like being home, even when you’re away. With today’s technology, you can access the feed from a computer or smart phone so you can check on your home any time you’d like.

At Wise Security, we have several CCTV systems you can choose from and we can help you choose the best products for your needs.

Keep an Eye on Your Kansas City Home from Anywhere…Any Time

Home-Security-Camera-Kansas-CityWhile many homeowners think of CCTV systems as burglar deterrents, they do so much more! Obviously, if someone broke into your home, you would most likely see them on the video and have a better chance of catching the crook.

Not to mention that just the presence of security cameras will deter thieves. But besides that benefit, CCTV has other, much more practical uses.

Today’s lifestyles are hectic and harried. Families with two working parents find peace of mind by knowing when their children come home from school.

You can also keep an eye on the babysitter watching your children, caregivers helping with an elderly family member or even just peek in to see how your pet is doing.

With a closed circuit TV system, you can see everything that’s happening in your home. With the cost of assisted living facilities rising these days, CCTV makes letting elderly parents stay at home longer a definite option.

You can keep an eye on them and their caregivers and have the peace of mind you need while working and away. Today’s security systems provide more than just security. They provide lifestyle solutions for you, and your loved ones.

Wise Security Saves You Money on CCTV Systems in Your Home

Our goal is to get you the security you need at a price you can afford. One of the ways we do this with CCTV systems is to save you money on remote viewing. Normally, you must view your home footage on your smart phone which uses up data quickly.

That means you get data charges if you use it too much. We want you to be able to view your home as often as you like, so we run the cameras through a DVR (digital video recorder) and connect you to a free app so you aren’t paying extra for your cell service data plan.

There is a $100 flat fee for connecting you through the computer, but your savings every month will pay for that in a short time. Meanwhile, you have unlimited viewing access. That’s just another way Wise looks out for our customers.